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General Pest Control

Our Gold Coast Pest Control services offer treatments (general pest control includes spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ants & silverfish) to residential and commercial premises and ensure the safe use of chemicals while delivering effective results. We employ a combination of safe and effective pest control techniques and knowledge together with a commitment to providing a safe and reliable service to our customer. Our aim is to address the growing concern with the way pesticides were used in the past and the long term effects chemicals are having on our world today.

What to do if you find pests on your premises?

Sometimes you may have pest problems that will be too big for you to manage yourself. For these jobs you can contact Admax Solutions to conduct an assessment of your home and our technician will recommend a solution to your pest management needs and if necessary we will organize a periodical schedule for our professional Pest Control to keep your home pest free.

Admax Solutions can also help your business stay compliant with all your health and safety regulations. We use only the safest and environmentally effective pest management products available and we can develop a regular Pest Management program to suit your requirements and business budget.

With today’s availability of low toxicity chemicals, which are highly effective against pests, we are able to select the best products to assist our clients solve their pest management issues, while enhancing their living and working environments with the guarantee that only safe products will be used when engaging our  pest control service.